Impromptu Meetings. Friend or Foe?

I don’t like getting 30 seconds notice that 5 people are coming to my office to talk about something. What that something is, I have no idea.  I wasn’t told but all 5 people are still on their way to my office as if my work has no value and the only thing that counts is what they want.  I mean really, how rude to just call me up and say “Hey, stop you’re whole day and have a meeting right now because our work is more important than yours”.  That’s how I feel at least.
I’m the kind of person that prefers to schedule meetings.  I want to know what’s on the agenda. Why we are having the meeting. Why do I need to be there. That kind of stuff.  I have allotted time and planned my day for success and getting off track is annoying.  The impromptu meeting is precisely the kind of distraction I’m trying to avoid.

The impromptu meeting is inevitable, so here’s a few things to help you through it and maybe see it in a different light.

– It’s not all about you.  Be a team player.  It’s better to be easy going than to fuss and sigh your way through another impromptu meeting.  A bad attitude lowers your productivity and generally frustrates your day.  The meeting is going to happen anyway, so get a good attitude about it. Then you will end up being the person everyone appreciates instead the person everyone hates dealing with.

– Some people need it.  There’s some people that can’t move on without some instruction, ideas, clarity, whatever.  Whether you think they should be able to move on or not is irrelevant.  Again, it’s not about you.  Be the one that helps move things forward instead of the obstacle that others have to move around.

– Karma. What goes around come around.  You reap what you sow.  If you planning on working for more than a month before you retire you are eventually going to be the one calling the impromptu meeting.  And if you have been the one with the great attitude through all the other meetings, then you should expect your impromptu meeting to go great, be productive, and get everyone moving along the same path.  People love helping those who have helped them.

It’s always great to have a wonderful work place.  A place where it’s easy to work and great working with the others there.  But in the end it’s a WORK place.  It’s a team working towards a goal and it’s going to take some effort on your part.

Here’s a great article by Marcus Mims about impromptu meetings.  Check it out.